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Executive assessment

Our executive assessments enable us to provide answers to the specific questions you ask to ensure reliable selection decisions, also to determine targeted development measures for your top management.

We deal with each participant individually and constructively.

The heart of our executive assessment is a detailed interview. We conduct this in accordance with our multi-method approach and in combination with management cases and standardized online procedures assess management skills.

We have extensive experience in administering online assessments at executive level. We also offer face-to-face or hybrid solutions.

Management audit

We conduct a series of individual assessments with several executives of a company as part of a management audit. Primary topics are, for example, restructuring, change processes and/or mergers. We have experience in the organization and implementation of management audits from 3 to over 400 participants.

Staffing decisions and / or comprehensive development measures for the management levels involved are possible outcomes. In addition, we can offer a differentiated analysis of the management culture and its advancement opportunities by employing a special methodology based on the knowledge we have gained.

Executive coaching

As part of an executive assessment, there may be a need for coaching that supports the further development process and / or the onboarding process. Our qualified and experienced coaches effectively utilize the results obtained.

We also offer executive coaching independent of an assessment process, and support managers in the further development of their managerial skills and broadening their view on their individual topics. Our extensive experience enables us to offer professional and focused support.

We maintain maximum confidentiality and efficiency while pursuing a resource and solution-focused approach.

Executive Assessment Partner


Executive Assessment Partner